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Who we want to be

Our goal is to offer a pizza that follows the traditional authentic Italian recipe, with a wood-fire only pizza oven, long and complete rising process, Italian flour, San Marzano tomatoes from the Vesuvio volcano fields, DOP mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil.

Our recipes are made from scratch using organic products in accordance with the Mediterranean diet model.
To all of you who will decide to honor us of their presence to try our Pizza and homemade dishes:
"Buon appetito e "buon divertimento".

Little bit about pizza...

Origins of Pizza 

The story is long, complex and uncertain.
The very first written records go back to the XIII century and were found in Sulmona. Later, more were found in cities like Rome, L'Aquila, Pesaro etc.
During the XVI the "pane schiacciato" (flat bread) took the name of pizza.
In 1734, pizza marinara was being made while during 1796-1810 the famous pizza Margherita was made.
In 1889, in honor of the Savoy's queen and her name, pizza "Margherita" was created by the cook Raffaele Esposito who used tomatoes, mozzarella cheese basil to recreate the colors of the Italian flag.
From that point on, the mastership and creativity of the "pizzaioli " has led to many new pizzas with various condiments as of today.

Pizza in the U.S.A.

It does its first appearance with the arrival of immigrants and therefore around the XIX .
San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia were definitely the cities where pizza was sold in the streets of the Italian neighborhoods.
Now days pizza is famous throughout the world and is being made commercially to keep up with the frenetic daily rhythms of society, skipping some important steps into the making process.