Our 2021 menu

a' pizz

la cucina

Italian cuisine has been among the top countries for years. The use of fresh ingredients, the simplicity of its recipes have been the roots for the worldwide success it has achieved. 

We humbly strive to achieve the only one thing that has allowed all this to happen. Consistency! 

We use locally made fresh pasta. We make our own focaccia bread and desserts. 

The very first pizza in the US was made at Lombardi's NY in 1905. It actually goes further back. The first pizza was presented to the queen Margherita (therefore pizza Margherita) representing the colors of the Italian flag green, white and red and it consisted of a flat bread with some mozzarella (not much because people were poor), tomato sauce and leaves of basil. Since then pizza took off around the world and it has been officially recognized by Unesco. 

The pizza Napoletana is made following a meticulous recipe with a 72hours rising process and then rigorously cooked in a wood fire oven for 90 seconds using only san Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella and olive oil to obtain the perfect results. Of course over the years pizza has had numerous customizations but here at Antica we strive to follow and keep the tradition that has made Naples so renown for its pizza.